Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creative writting

I have been writting this for a little while . I must say though , as a new (still learning ) writter . It has done so much for me.(Spiritauly ) Sounds starnge right? But when you were a person who could never find ther place in the world. Then you find something that you did have within you all along . Just did not have anyone to push you. It is enoromus feeling inside of self worth or a place in the world. I new that I always wanted this since I can remember. But never had that push that I needed. So I have started a novel. Called Salem Sisters. I am not to sure about keeping this title though. Or keeping that version of the story .Finding time in a hectic life of always working and just being a mother is almost impossible. But writting is what I love to do and I will always find the time!

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